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Our latest video camera reviews, including shock-proof and weather-proof action cameras alongside the very best dash-cams for your car.

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Kenwood DRV-430 Review

What is the Kenwood DRV-430? The Kenwood DRV-430 is a dash cam from renowned Hi-Fi manufacturer Kenwood. This might sound like an odd product for the company to be involved

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Aukey 1080p Dual Stealth Dash Cams DR02D Review

What is the Aukey 1080p Dual Stealth Dash Cams DR02D? If ever a product name told you everything you needed to know about it, it’s the Aukey 1080p Dual Stealth Dash

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Yi Mini Dash Camera Review

What is the Yi Mini Dash Camera? The Yi Mini Dash Camera is a compact dashboard camera from the Chinese company that is increasingly focusing on the market outside its

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Thinkware X350 Review

What is the Thinkware X350? The X350 is a new mid-range dashcam from Thinkware. Of the two main design styles Thinkware tends to use, the X350 is the more traditional

Mio MiVue 792 WIFI Pro Review

What is the Mio MiVue 792 WIFI Pro? The MiVue 792 WIFI Pro is the new flagship dash cam from Mio. With new dash cam camera manufacturers appearing out of

GoXtreme Vision 4K Review

What is the GoXtreme Vision 4K? The Vision 4K is the second from top model in the GoXtreme range. Unlike the Endurance, the Vision 4K supports 4K resolution, albeit only

Apeman A80 Review

What is the Apeman A80? The A80 is a 4K action camera from Apeman with a very keen price. It’s another value-oriented device in a similar vein to the GoXtreme

Acer Holo360 Review

What is the Acer Holo360? The Holo360 is a new 360-video camera from Acer. It’s a similar concept to the Ricoh Theta S that kickstarted consumer interest in shooting 360,

Thinkware F100 Review

What is the Thinkware F100? The F100 is an entry-level dash cam from Thinkware. My experience with Thinkware so far has been at the higher-end, with models such as the

GoXtreme Endurance Review

What is the GoXtreme Endurance? The Endurance is a budget action camera from GoXtreme, a brand owned by Easypix GmbH of Cologne, Germany. We’ve seen a lot of dash cams

Thinkware F800 Pro Review

What is the Thinkware F800 Pro? The F800 Pro is the latest flagship dash cam from Thinkware, replacing the slightly less well-endowed F770. Whilst manufacturers such as Nextbase with its 612GW

GoPro Fusion Review

What is the GoPro Fusion? GoPro is already well-known for its Hero action cameras that can withstand being submerged and thrown around with reckless abandon. The Fusion, however, sees the