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Affinity Designer (iOS) Review

What is Affinity Designer? Serif’s Affinity Designer is a vector art app with high aspirations. It aims to entice creative professionals such as vector artists and logo designers away from

Apple Music Review

Apple’s first music streaming service makes a promising start but it has some bugs What is Apple Music? Launched back in June 2015, Apple Music is an all-you-can-fit-in-your-ears streaming service

Apple macOS High Sierra Review

What is macOS High Sierra? The past few updates to macOS have felt like small tweaks, as Apple aimed to align features in its mobile iOS operating system with the

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macOS Sierra Review

Siri makes its debut on the Mac UPDATE: When I initially reviewed macOS Sierra, I couldn’t get Auto Unlock to work with my regular Apple ID, as I was unable

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Dashlane Review

A powerful password manager What is Dashlane? Dashlane is a browser, mobile and Windows and macOS desktop password manager that’s available in both free and paid-for versions. In common with

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RoboForm Review

A password manager with a decent mobile app What is RoboForm? RoboForm is a browser, desktop and mobile password manager and automatic form-filling tool. Although it still stores your passwords

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KeePass Review

A powerful, open-source password manager What is KeePass Password Safe? KeePass and its many compatible relatives are firm favourites for password management among security professionals, but are also the least

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LastPass Review

A brilliant-value password manager What is LastPass? LastPass is perhaps the best-known password manager around. Primarily a browser-based service, it’s available in both free and paid-for versions that work across

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Parallels Desktop Review

Run Windows 10 apps as if they were native Mac apps What is Parallels Desktop 12? Parallels Desktop 12 is the annual upgrade to the virtual machine software that lets

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Windows 10 Mobile Review

Microsoft’s mobile OS moves in the right direction but still needs work What is Windows 10 Mobile? Windows 10 Mobile is Microsoft’s latest attempt to address the shortage of apps

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AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition Review

AMD’s graphics driver gets better and better What is AMD Radeon Software Crimson ReLive? In late 2015, AMD launched a completely new version of its graphics driver and graphics settings

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Office 2016 Review

Microsoft pushes collaborative working with its latest version of Office What is Office 2016? Microsoft’s latest update to its office productivity software is not on the surface a radical overall,