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Find out which VR headset fits your needs from our comprehensive reviews of the most popular VR players you can buy.

Oculus Rift S

Rarely do we see evolution as rapid or as radical as we’ve seen in the area of virtual reality. Oculus Rift’s consumer version launched in 2016, and just three years

Oculus Quest

What is the Oculus Quest? Virtual reality hasn’t really kicked off yet, and I’m not surprised. The likes of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive may both offer incredibly fun

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Vive Wireless Adapter Review

What is the Vive Wireless Adapter? One of the biggest bugbears of the HTC Vive virtual reality headset? Wires. There’s nothing more immersion-shattering than tripping on a cable in a

Déraciné Review

In a letter sent to reviewers, FromSoftware maestro Hidetaka Miyazaki says “Déraciné is a title rife with experimentation and novel ideas”. As you might expect for the first virtual reality

Tetris Effect Review

Tetris has always been an exceptional puzzle game; now, thanks to the efforts of Tetsuya Mizuguchi and developer Resonair, it’s something much more than that. Mizuguchi’s career-long fascination with synaesthesia

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Review

Blimey, here’s a turn up for the books. If you’d told me a few days ago that a game starring The Playroom’s little Astro Bots would be my VR game

Transference Review

The collaboration between Ubisoft and Elijah Wood’s film production company SpectreVision, Transference claims to be “a thriller that feels like a movie, but plays like a game”. While it provides

Firewall: Zero Hour Review

Firewall: Zero Hour is so close to being the first definitive VR FPS (though you might argue that Farpoint has been heading in the right direction since its launch). It’s

The Persistence Review

Exclusive to PSVR For once, the clue is in the title. Firesprite’s PSVR debut is part sci-fi shooter, part survival horror and part rogue-like. It’s the unholy child of System

Lenovo Mirage Solo Review

What is the Lenovo Mirage Solo? The Lenovo Mirage Solo is a VR headset that doesn’t require another device to work. It doesn’t connect to a game console or PC.

Moss Review

Available on PSVR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift Sometimes it feels like the VR revolution has stalled, our early enthusiasm for the medium drowned by a mass of me-too shooting galleries

Oculus Rift Review

It keeps getting better Oculus Rift long-term review When the Oculus Rift first launched, it fell behind the HTC Vive for two crucial reasons: there were no motion controls and