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Samsung SmartThings V3 Review

One of the most frustrating things about building a smart home is finding a way to automate and control everything centrally. It’s a problem that Samsung SmartThings has been trying

Eve Room

Our homes can be surprisingly dirty places, with the air in particular being home to dust, allergens, chemical pollutants and more. While one of units on our Best air purifiers

Energenie MiHome Heating

Heating individual rooms is the best way to achieve the biggest savings on your heating bill, and the Energenie MiHome Heating system promises to offer one of the simplest ways

Arlo Ultra

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor was the first security camera that I tested to have a 4K sensor, although this model downsampled all footage to 1080p. That makes the Arlo


The Ring Door View might have been the first smart doorbell upgrade for an existing peephole that I’d heard of, but the first product I’ve got my hands on comes

Dyson Lightcycle

What is the Dyson Lightcycle? Lights are often seen as utilitarian objects of necessity: it’s dark, therefore we need lights. Yet, using the wrong type of light during the day

Ring Floodlight Cam

What is the Ring Floodlight Cam Ring could so easily have become a one-product company, relying on the success of its Ring Video Doorbell. It hasn’t rested on its laurels

BT Smart Baby Monitor

What is the BT Smart Baby Monitor with 5-inch screen? We were impressed by the BT Video Baby Monitor 6000, although lamenting the fact that it wasn’t a smart device.

Vestemi Radbot

What is the Vestemi Radbot? The Vestemi Radbot is different from other smart radiator valves I’ve reviewed: there’s no app, no voice control of the likes of Amazon Alexa, and

IOTTY Smart Switch

What is the IOTTY Smart Switch? There are a lot of smart light bulbs on the market, but relatively few smart light switches. It’s a shame in many ways, since

BT Smart Home Cam

What is the BT Smart Home Cam? While other manufacturers may be going smarter and more expensive with their cameras, the BT Smart Home Cam is something of a throwback

Senic Nuimo Click

What is the Senic Nuimo Click? Controlling a smart home is all about having options: I want the ability to use apps; my voice; and physical controls. With the Senic