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A great phone or tablet is nothing without some equally fantastic apps to go with it. Here we’ve rounded up all the best apps for both iOS and Android that you need to install right away.

Apple Home and HomeKit Review

Apple attempts to dominate the smart home What are Apple Home and HomeKit? Apple was one of the first companies to try and centralise smart home device control into one

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Nintendo’s first mobile app turns out to be a quirky take on social networking Times have been tough for Nintendo in recent years – the Wii U has been a

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TomTom Curfer Review

The TomTom Curfer gives you an insight into your driving style, using a wealth of your car’s on-board diagnostic information. What is the TomTom Curfer? TomTom’s Curfer is a hardware

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Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure Review

An instant App Store classic with an awesome soundtrack Available for iOSIt’s surprising just how quickly gamers have become used to the bombardment of messages and requests the average mobile

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Framed Review

Rewrite time in this comic book inspired thriller Available on iOSIt’s just as well you’re reading this review now and not the state it was in sat blinking at me

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Monument Valley Review

Puzzling perfection just got even better Available on iOS and Android It’s not just the look of Monument Valley that gives the game away in regards to developer ustwo’s heritage in

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The Sailor's Dream Review

Simogo’s latest title is as beautiful as it is baffling Available on iOSAt some point in every games journalist’s career, in some article or other they’ll attempt to tackle a

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Day of the Viking Review

A novel take on the physics game genre Exclusive to iOS It may not surprise you to know that physics-based games – of which Day of the Viking is one –

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Now TV app Review

A disappointing app for a great service Available for iOS and AndroidThe Now TV app is free to download and is currently available on Android and iOS but not Windows

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Grey Cubes Review

An innovative take on an old classic Available on iOSThere are certain themes that, year after year, decade after decade, developers return to time and again. In 1976, Atari released the

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Audio Defence: Zombie Arena Review

A curious piece of entertainment Available for iOS Here’s a ridiculous question for you: How do you fancy being trapped in an arena surrounded by the living dead? No? What about

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Felllice Review

Misses out on being the puzzler it ought to be Exclusive to iOSAll too often smartphone games are sullied by being way too complex. As the power behind the devices