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Our wide selection of reviews will help you discover the perfect tablet. We’ve tested everything from the latest iPads, to Android-toting tablets and those built for kids. Whether you want to splash out and replace your laptop or just pick up something for Netflix binges, we’ve got you covered.

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Amazon Fire HD 8

The best budget tablet? What is the Amazon Fire HD 8? The Amazon Fire HD 8 is one of the best budget tablets you can buy from a recognisable brand.

Kindle Oasis

It’s gorgeous. But who is this high-end Kindle for? What is the Kindle Oasis? Sitting at the top of Amazon’s Kindle line is the second version of the Kindle Oasis.

Amazon Kindle (2019)

What is the Amazon Kindle (2019)? Amazon’s latest Kindle, now in its 10th generation, is the new entry-level model in the range. It will appeal if you don’t want to

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Kindle Paperwhite (2018)

Amazon’s latest Kindle Paperwhite could be the best e-reader on the market What is the Kindle Paperwhite (2018)? Amazon’s current Kindle Paperwhite combines the affordable price and durable body of

iPad Mini 5 Review: The ultimate small tablet?

Apple’s iPad Mini 5 is an odd device. It looks exactly like the brand’s original 7.9-inch slate from 2012, but it packs the same internals as the latest iPhone XS.

Lenovo Tab P10

What is the Lenovo Tab P10? The Lenovo Tab P10 breathes new life into the standard concept of the tablet. On its own it’s a fairly typical Android tablet –

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

The Samsung Tab S5e is the brand’s latest attempt to corner the budget Android tablet market. This may not sound that cool compared the newly unveiled Samsung Galaxy S10, but if you

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Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite first look: A parent's dream?

Huawei releases another Android tablet that looks likes pretty much like all its other Android tablets. However the MediaPad M5 Lite might have one unique trick It seems like Huawei is

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 Review

What is the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2? Born into the business world with a feature set, ruggedised design and third-party accessory lineup perfectly suited to its life in warehouses

Google Pixel Slate Review

What is the Pixel Slate? The Pixel Slate is Google’s latest attempt to create a premium Chrome OS device. It follows the legacy set by the older Pixelbook and takes

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iPad Pro (2018) Review

The best tablet you can buy What is the iPad Pro 2018? Apple’s 2018 version of its iPad Pro is gorgeous – and full of potential. It’s the most powerful

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Kobo Forma Review

What is the Kobo Forma? Hoping to counter Amazon’s dominance in the e-reader space, Kobo’s latest is a feature-packed device with a waterproof body and high-res screen. It also offers