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Find the best TV recorder or set top box for your needs from our reviews of the best DVD recorder with digital tuner, HD digital video recorder, PVR, HD set top box, Freeview box.

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NOW TV Smart Box 4K Review

What is the NOW TV Smart Box 4K? The NOW TV Smart Box 4K is the latest media player offered by the Sky subsidiary, and similar to previous boxes from

Now TV Smart Stick Review

What is the Now TV Smart Stick? Squeezing all that’s great about Sky into a subscription-free dongle, the Now TV Smart Stick is the successor to the Now TV Box,

Amazon Fire TV Review

Amazon’s Apple TV rival is a little black box of wonder What is the Amazon Fire TV? We got the first flagship Amazon Fire TV streaming box in 2014. That’s

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Chromecast Review

A tepid, but solid follow up to Google’s 2014 media streamer What is the Chromecast? When the first Chromecast came along, video streaming was still a fairly fresh concept. It

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Now TV Smart Box Review

What is the Now TV Smart Box? Want to watch Sky’s Now TV service but don’t have a compatible smart TV or games console? Plug in a Now TV Smart

BT TV Review

What is BT TV? Starting life as a basic Freeview system with a bit of on-demand content, BT TV has since evolved. Using the YouView TV platform to deliver live

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Humax HB-1100S Review

Freesat is alive and kicking What is the Humax HB-1100S? The HB-1100S is a high-definition Freesat box with a ‘roll-back’ TV guide that makes it easy to watch programmes on

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TalkTalk TV Review

The best-value premium TV service What is TalkTalk TV? As is the case with its main rival, BT, TalkTalk’s TV service is an add-on for broadband customers. Via the YouView-based

Roku Streaming Stick Plus Review

What is the Roku Streaming Stick Plus? A streaming device can be, and should be, a little bundle of media-bingeing joy. The trick is doing it correctly, because when you

Roku Express (2017) Review

What is the Roku Express (2017)? The Roku Express is a full HD streaming device that brings all manner of streaming services to non-smart TVs, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC

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Virgin V6 Review

Virgin’s 4K TiVo is ready to fight Sky Q What is the Virgin V6? In terms of hardware, Virgin and Sky were pretty much level-pegging until Sky Q was launched.

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Roku 3 Review

The ultimate media player? Nearly What is the Roku 3? Roku isn’t quite a household name in the UK, but you shouldn’t count this US-based company out. It’s well deserving