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Find the best surround sound systems for your needs from our reviews of the best home theatre systems, plus surround sound speakers.

Yamaha RX-A3080

What is the Yamaha RX-A3080? Yamaha has long pioneered the use of DSP audio processing to enhance the home theatre listening experience. Now, it’s invited artificial intelligence to the party,

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Denon AVC-X6500H Review

What is the Denon AVC-X6500H? The Denon AVC-X6500H is the latest mid-range AV amplifier from the company. It includes 11 channels of built-in amplification, and support for all three immersive

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Sonos Playbar Review

An excellent, classy and convenient soundbar that doesn’t come cheap. What is the Sonos Playbar? Sonos has established itself as the king of multi-room audio, and has traditionally been focused

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Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack Review

What is the Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack? The Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack is a 5.1 speaker package based around the company’s latest 3000i-series of entry-level speakers. The system

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Sonos Playbase Review

Space-saving, good-looking sound for your TV What is the Sonos Playbase? On paper, the Sonos Playbase seems like any other soundbase. Like the Sonos Playbar from 2013, it takes over

Wharfedale DX-2 Review

What is the Wharfedale DX-2? At a time where soundbars are fast becoming the go-to for people to improve their TV’s sound, Wharfedale is out to remind people that 5.1

Focal Sib Evo Review

What is the Focal Sib Evo? While immersive Dolby Atmos audio has been gaining traction, in everything from movie theatres to games consoles, bringing it home has been surprisingly frustrating.

Denon HEOS AVR Review

What is the Denon HEOS AVR? The Denon HEOS AVR is the first 5.1 receiver that allows you to use Denon’s HEOS speakers as wireless surround channels, bringing you multichannel

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Denon AVR-X1400H Review

Heos multiroom and Dolby Vision support make Denon’s mid-range receiver even better value for money What is the Denon AVR-X1400H? Denon’s latest 7.2-channel mid-range receiver has an even more impressive

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LG SJ8 Review

LG’s soundbar is supermodel slim but how does its sound measure up? What is the LG SJ8? If you like your soundbars to be heard but not seen then you’re

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Polk MagniFi Mini Review

No space? Check out this mini soundbar What is the Polk MagniFi Mini? Once the bastion of space-saving home cinema, it seems that even the trusty soundbar has become too

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Bluesound Pulse Soundbar Review

Hi-res streaming soundbar with MQA support and aptX Bluetooth What is the Bluesound Pulse Soundbar? Part of Bluesound’s multiroom speaker family, the Pulse Soundbar is designed to be the centrepiece